Rent Control comes to Oregon

A recent WSJ Op-Ed opines on the impact that state-wide rent control will have on the Beaver State and its residents. While I do not question the intentions of state government, I do challenge their methods and expect this decision to make housing affordability worse over the long term. The article highlights Oregon’s “inclusionary” zoning policy enacted in 2017 led to a 64% drop in permit applications to build new apartments. It is my estimation that rent control will also have a negative impact and further suppress the ability to build more housing in Oregon. I think their efforts would be better spent streamlining the permitting process to help increase the housing supply. It will be interesting to see how these policies affect migration to Washington and Idaho.

Tyler Cowen wrote a blog post highlighting the unintended, but not unexpected, consequences of rent control back in 2016.

Mihir Zavery penned a more objective article in the New York Times on February 26, 2019. I share this article because it also includes statements from Gov. Kate Brown.

Fats Domino (1928-2017)

New Orleans Music Legend, Fats Domino passed away October 24th, 2017 in his home in Harvey, Louisiana.  Having personally lived  in New Orleans,  I experienced the impact his music had on the local music scene more than 50 years after the apex of his fame.  The city will pay tribute to him by holding a Second Line Parade on November 1st. 

Below are links to some of the obituaries that I personally enjoyed reading. And for Lagniappe, I have also included the link to one of my favorite Fats Domino songs.